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This category is for businesses/Individuals who have products/services for sale. Vendors will be placed in a virtual vending area that is separate from the viewing audience. Audience participants will be able to enter vendors area(Via Live Video). While in the the vending area vendors will be able to speak with participants, advertise, showcase and sell products. (Must be registered to Vend)

Once you've registered you will receive the access code at the email address listed on their registration form. An email will be sent prior to the start of the Convention on Friday, Sept. 2nd

Advertise your business on the MuslimConvention.Net website for $100. A digital ad will be placed on the website which should include all of your contact/business information. (Ad will remain displayed on the Muslim Convention Website until next year.

This category is for businesses, organizations, and charities that are not selling a product but would like to promote their services/organization.

This Patrons list is for idividuals who want to show their support and be listed as supporters. The persons name will be listed on the Convention Patrons List page.

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